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Posted by X-TNT - 10 days ago

Bonchour everyone,

Yeah, you're wondering why I'm making a news post about changes that will come to Navash. I usually don't do that, and it's probably a good thing given that most updates are minor anyways. But not this one, it'll be a major update. I have a confession to make: I'm not into femboys anymore. Okay yeah, I still like them a little but I don't get the appeal as much as I used to. The whole "UWU FEMBOY" act is getting old, and I don't feel enjoyment when I draw femboy of my OC anymore. I think I am getting old, lol. I planned to make him more masculine for a while, but my attempts never work because each of them always looked weird in the result.

So I thought it was time for another design update for Navash. I had 3 options:

  • Make him female. I don't wanna do this because women are physically and intellectually inferior than men. Also because I grew up drawing him as a dude, and it's something I don't feel like moving on from.
  • Give a masculine build and change his facial features. I don't wanna go for this one because I can't imagine him with a masculine face. I mean I'm a woman, he's my main character- I want him to at least keep some feminine features. Also bodybuilder Navash is a disgusting thought...
  • Simply give him more muscles. Again, I'm afraid he'd look like a body builder.

I was seriously stuck on which one I should go for. Then I remembered an alternate design I made for him days ago: Berserk/Charred Navash. It is meant to be canon at some point in his story. I am pretty sure you are familiar with Navash's ability to go feral. He not only loses his mind, but his physical power is boosted to unatural levels. However, he destroys himself in the process. This design is meant to take the feral state to a much higher level. The reason I say he's charred is because he is literally burning himself alive. He uses so much power that his body can't handle it. If he stays in the Berserk state for too long, he'll die. The only way to trigger the berserk state is to put him in a deep situation. And the way to snap him out of it is to use lots of tranquilizer (put him to sleep) or do something that'll reconnect his emotional senses. I am not sure what the source of such power should be, but it could be from improbability reasons.


Navash's new design might look something like this. Of course, the markings will look more tied to his main design and less tribal than that, and his hair probably won't look like that, but it's just a general idea of what I plan on going for. His abilities might change. Again, a really big redesign. I didn't do one like this in nearly 2 years.




So yeah. If you have any thoughts or critiques I'd be glad to hear you out in the comments.

Also please don't draw fanart or sprites of my character until this design comes out. I don't wanna piss you off... Seriously.


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Make him a 2 meter buff jojo

Dunno about the hair and glowy but why not