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Commissions Re-Opening

Posted by X-TNT - March 18th, 2019

Bonchour everyone!

Since I have quit DeviantArt for some time and the fact my old commission sheet was there, I have decided to update it here. So if anyone is interested on commissioning me, do not hesitate and ask ahead! First...

Commission Rules:

  1. It is obligatory to SPECIFY the elements you want to see in your commission. (specify outline type, specify coloring style, specify background, specify shading and lighting, specify effects, specify posture and camera-shot)
  2. Forms of payment accepted: Patreon (custom pledges) and Paypal
  3. If I am unable to finish your demand, I will refund you the full price you have paid through Patreon or Paypal. I will send you a private message through Discord, Newgrounds or Google Mail to let you know about your refund.


Scroll below and read Specifications. You must pick ONE specification per category. Each specification has its own price. The price is calculated by the time consumption and difficulty for me to draw the chosen specification. Once you have picked all of your selected specifications per category, add the prices together and you will get your final cost.

Specification Category 1 - NSFW or not?

No NSFW (no additional cost for final price)

NSFW ( + 25% of the final price)

Specification Category 2 - Subject Shot

Headshot/Bust: only shows the head along with the upper half torso. (2 USD)

Medium shot: shows the subject's head, full torso and the full pelvis, but the lower half and feet are not fully displayed. (3 USD)

Fullbody: shows the entire subject's body. ( 4 USD)

Specification Category 3 - Lining and Coloring

Sketch/Outline: sketchy lines. Shows detail of the subject. No color and no shading. (1 USD)

Flat Color: your character will be colored but there won't be any shading or special effects. (2 USD)

Simple Shading OR gradient, no color: your character will be shaded in the most simple way possible. No color. (2 USD)

Simple Shading OR gradient, colored: your character will be colored AND shaded in the most simple way possible. (3 USD)


All colored, all shading, all gradients and effects added: your character will be fully detailed and colored in the best quality possible. 5 USD)

Specification Category 4 - Character Appearance

Madness Combat Grunt (free)

Humanoid ( 2 USD)

Feral Animal, Reptile, Insect, Bird or Fish (2.50 USD)

Anthro Animal, Reptile, Insect, Bird or Fish (3 USD)

Robot or Android (4 USD)

Specification Category 5 - Background + Character Distance

My backgrounds and character distance never cost anything. But please answer the following questions before completing your commission submission. How far do you want your character from the audience's perspective? Do you want the background to be abstract and random? Blank or flatly colored? Or depicting a particular location?

How to pay?

Let's pretend you picked this:

[No NSFW (0 USD)] + [Fullbody (4 USD)] + [Sketch/Outline (1 USD)] + [Humanoid (2 USD)]

Now, all what you have to do is simply add up all the cost of the specifications you chose. This means 0 + 4 + 1 + 2. That would equal a total price of 7 USD. It's simple right?

Contact me through Newgrounds mails or Discord if you are interested.

Thanks you, have a good day.