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  1. Before commissioning be sure to read the entire sheet below and consider the artistic elements you wish to see in your requested piece along with their cost… Most importantly, IF YOU ARE A NEW COMMISSIONER TO MY PAGE, PLEASE VIEW MY ART POSTS IMMEDIATELY.
  2. I will not allow pornography or gore. If you want me to draw your OC naked then sure, but I will not include genitals neither nipples (includes male nipples since they make me a bit uncomfortable)
  3. If I see public (anywhere on my content) complaints regarding my commission system or quality I will automatically refuse any commission requests from you. If you have a complaint, please send me a private message. This applies to blocked users.
  4. Please avoid repeatedly asking when the commission will be finished. I am not a machine and know that I can feel rushed, which might ruin the final product of the work.
  5. You may re-upload and edit my commissions, but please credit me if you are to do that.
  6. If I cannot finish your piece, I will refund the full price you paid for the commission.
  7. Payment Methods: Paypal or Patreon

Contact me via Newgrounds private mails, DeviantArt notes, Gmail or my Discord DMs if you wish to order a commission or if you have any questions about my payment system. I will also occasionally send you progress of the piece so you can have an idea of how the final piece would look like and if you wish to have me change something. I highly recommend my commissioners to criticize the my work-in-progress of my commissions. It’ll help me a lot to offer the best results and improving my content in future artworks. Here is my Gmail: (Gmail: tntvixsuny@gmail.com)

The Steps for my commission system

Step 1: Selecting characters and describing their appearance

This is a very important step of my process. I need to know how characters resemble like. It can be either described via text or visual images. *Visual images highly recommended, I am not the best in English!* Describe the outfits from head to feet along with every bit of detail. In the chart below, difficulty means how hard it will be for me to draw this appearance.


Step 2: Selecting a Camera-Shot type and posture for the character(s)

Please select a posture for your character! I need to know this, especially when you ask me to draw them fullbody. And please don't go crazy and ask me to draw bone-breaking positions, because this is NOT going to aid me practice at getting better at all.


Step 3: Selecting the Procedure

If you prefer sketchy pieces rather than colored ones, you may control this via telling me how you want the procedure of the drawing to be like. Here is a visual reference for all procedures! OUTLINE STYLES line size does not matter, but it is recommended you tell me the size you want.


Coloring Styles:



Step 5: Finding a Background

Backgrounds are the final step for concluding with your picture. I only make 3 types of backgrounds: flat backgrounds, abstract backgrounds and standard backgrounds.

( +Flat background free)

Flat Backgrounds are backgrounds that HAVE ABSOLUTELY nothing in it, but only a fill of white, transparency, or even a simple flat color.

( Abstract Background: $2 USD)

Abstract Backgrounds are usually filled with all sorts of shapes, from normal ones to crazy and distorted ones. There is no limit to the colors you wish to add. Gradients are including but there WON'T be any shading.

( Depictable background: $6 USD)

Depictable Backgrounds are ACTUAL backgrounds. You can recognize everything in it: for example a building, a city, a tree, etc. They are generally hard for me to draw so don't go too crazy about picking your background.

Step 5: Calculating the Cost

Figuring out the cost is pretty simple actually. Based on everything you’ve selected for your commission, all what you have to do is add up their cost. Like this:

Let’s pretend you picked [Human (3 USD) + Mid Shot (3 USD) + Clean and Wavy lines (2 USD) + Cartoon/NEO Coloring (6 USD) + Abstract Background (2 USD)]. If you add them all together, your commission would cost $ 16 USD.

After calculating the final price, you may contact me and send your commission request for approval. I have the right to refuse your demand if you did not insert enough details.

THE PAYMENT SYSTEM WORKS DIFFERENTLY: you pay two separate payments: one for the outline that includes camera shots, character species and background, and one for the coloring style itself. Once I am done with all the lines, I will send you a NON-COLORED WORK IN PROGRESS to ask for your approval. You can then decide whether or not you want me to add color, and you can even switch styles from the one you picked in the initial payment plan.

Remember that each commission all of you buy from me mean a lot!

Thank you for reading this post and have a good day.

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